On this podcast, I talk about being one of the minority.
That minority that just don't get off on bronzing their body on the beach and spending almost all day swimming or messing about in the sea.
Now please don't get me wrong, I understand all the benefits of swimming, especially when it comes to health and well-being.
But for me it's a total non starter.
What compounds the issue for me is the constant peer pressure and other influence activities that try to get me into swimming trunks and taking part, because "all normal people do this".
So I am not normal it seems. I'll take that as a compliment then, thank you very much.
Nevertheless, this lunchtime I walked from our accommodation, down to the sea, sat in the shade, and prepared my drone for another "over water" flight. 
Concurrently, I did a bit of people watching.
Yes some were swimming, but to be honest with you, most were lying on towels quietly using the sun to rotisserie themselves.
It struck me how many middle aged people had tanned skin, that actually looked like parchment paper.
I digress.
Tamara, her father and niece, did the "normal" swimming things. Tamara is a former competition swimmer, so it's only natural, I think, that she might want to execute amazingly professional "tumble turns" etc.
So where does this leave me?
Well, I am that guy on the beach who is "Billy No Mates". The one that isn't t bronzed, is keeping his T shirt on and hiding in the shade.
I am actually happy with that. And that's the main thing (for me).
Do you dislike swimming?

What are you strategies to cope with peer pressure?

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