Planning a New Podcast
An amazingly early start today, in order to catch the 0550 flight from Skopje to Zagreb.

Normally, I take the first available bus from Zagreb back to Laktaši, and then home.

Today was different. I had arranged to meet an amazingly inspirational lady from the Netherlands, who is now based in Zagreb.

Eva Smeele is an adventurer.

She has walked, yes walked, from Amsterdam to Sarajevo, across mountain ranges and through dark forests. Solo.

These past weeks she's been knee deep on the snow covered Velebit mountain in Croatia.

Her next projects are more ambitious hikes in the Western Balkans, especially the Via Dinarica routes.

My meeting with Eva was to discuss launching a podcast that will enable people who follow her on Social Media, to join her (figuratively speaking) on her journey.

Podcasts are a great way to tell stories through the medium of "on demand audio".

There are some more details to finalise but we are confident that the podcast will launch very soon.

In the meantime, why not catch up with Eva's adventures so far, by visiting her WEBSITE HERE (and subscribing as well?) at:

Check out her very unusual footwear too!

Today's image is the mandatory selfie :)

 Hope you enjoy the Podcast and if you did, then please share, like and of course Subscribe.

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