It's very easy, and I mean exceptionally easy, to be influenced by content published on the internet.
We all watch the majority of posts that appear in our "feeds", well maybe not read or watch, but we certainly notice them.
I have been guilty of this. Not really sure why I am saying guilty, but nevertheless I have been swayed a lot but what I am exposed to.
But so very much of the content "normal" people create, is not in fact normal or everyday. It's at least slightly embellished.
And that's what's been digging away with me.
How can I create (produce) something that reflects the stories that I want to tell, about where I live and about what I would like to share.
The advice on the web is consistency, quality, etc etc.
It's been adding to the anxiety I suffer with anyway, so not not positive.
Without overthinking things I have decided to just be me. The content might be rough around the edges, images slightly blurred, audio marginally distorted and shaky video footage, but it will be me.
And I will try to be as "real" as I can.
So now it's time to hit that Reset button.
I hope you'll want to stay along and see how this goes?

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